Is Herpes Disease Causes

What Causes Herpes-de nature Traditional medicine to treat smallpox, herpes, genital herpes, zozter, pus bumps in the genital, dompo, and the like heal quickly invitation this drug without a doctor and safe without side effects.
Cure herpes was not as difficult as we thought. But before talking about drugs, we should recognize what it's herpes. Herpes is a virus attacks the skin. Body can attack the skin, face or genitals.
There are two types of herpes:
1. Herpes Zoster
how to treat herpes Herpes this type may affect all ages, from children to senior citizens. This disease usually affects areas of the skin and the mucous membranes, but it had nothing to do with sex. This virus attacks are segmented. That is, if the skin is infected, then the only areas that are affected. Usually the skin and chest skin prone to this type of virus.
penyebab penyakit herpes _Shingles disease has an incubation period of 7 to 12 days. The symptoms that accompany it is the body feels chills, dizziness, and decreased appetite. Infected area will feel pain and tenderness. After a few days, in the area that will come out of small spots of water. These spots will change color after a few days. Even in severe cases, these spots will fester.
Because of small spots that came out resembling chicken pox spots, then according to dr. Tina, this type of herpes is usually the continuation of the chickenpox virus. If the body in a weak condition, then it is possible that herpes would also attack all parts of the skin such as chickenpox.
2. Herpes Simplex
There are two types of herpes simplex. Herpes simplex type one, caused by HSV-1 and Herpes Simplex type two, caused by HSV-2. The first type is usually found on the lips or the boundary between the skin with mucous membranes. This type can also affect children. The second type usually affects the genital area. Laboratory tests are very appropriate for detecting the type of virus that enters the body.
Herpes is most curable, there are already adequate medical treatment herpesuntuk how to cure it. But generally takes relatively little long. While herpes attack brought pain and horrible shape on the body. Healing time also leaves blemishes on the skin that is not unsightly. Imagine if an attack of herpes occurs on the face, really things we do not want.
What Diseases like herpes or smallpox?
One of the venereal disease, Herpes or often referred to as 'pox' by the medical community is a skin inflammatory disease characterized by the formation of bubbles of water in groups. Disease
Pox or herpes, there are 2 kinds of groups, Genetalis Herpes and Herpes Zoster.
Genetalis herpes is an infection or inflammation (bubble blister) on the skin, especially in the genitals (vagina, penis, including the door of the anus / rectum and the buttocks and groin / groin) caused by herpes simplex virus (VHS), while Herpes Zoster or by another name ' shingles' is a skin infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus that causes bubbles in the liquid almost the entire body.
Herpes zoster is also said to be an infectious disease of the skin which is a continuation of the chickenpox (chicken pox) for virus attacks are the same, only there is a difference with chickenpox. Shingles is characterized by a larger bubble smallpox and clustered in certain parts of the body, can in the back, forehead or chest.
What Kind of Disease Transmission How Herpes Or Smallpox?
In general, all types of herpes can be transmitted through direct contact. But in herpes zoster, which occurs in diseases such as smallpox (chickenpox), the transmission can be through sneezing, coughing, contaminated clothing and touch up bubbles / blisters that rupture. In genital herpes disease (genitalia), transmission occurs through sexual behavior. Genetalis herpes disease so sometimes suffered hooked in the mouth due to oral sex. The symptoms will arise in the period 7-21 days after a person contact (infected) varicella-zoster virus.
Someone who has had chicken pox and then recover, the virus is actually not 100% lost from the body, but hiding in the dorsal ganglion cells sensory nervous system of the patient. When the immune system (immune) weakened, the virus will return in the form of herpes zoster attack which caused symptoms similar to smallpox (chickenpox). For someone who has never had chicken pox, when the varicella-zoster virus, the indirect experience of herpes zoster but had chicken pox prior.
How Signs and Symptoms of Herpes Or Smallpox?
Signs and symptoms caused by the herpes virus attacks in general are fever, chills, shortness of breath, pain or stiffness dipersendian in one section collapsed, the emergence of reddish spots on the skin that eventually form a liquid bubble. Another complaint is sometimes perceived abdominal pain sufferers.
Then How Can Handling and Treatment of Diseases Herpes Or Smallpox?
In patients with Herpes Or Smallpox most important thing is to keep the liquid bubbles do not break so as not to leave a mark and become the entrance for other bacteria (secondary infection), among others, by giving talcum powder that helps lubricate the skin. If the patient can not stand the cold conditions it is recommended not to bathe, because it can lead to shock.
The drugs are given to patients with the disease Herpes Or Smallpox aimed at treating the symptoms of existing complaints such as pain and fever, for example, was given paracetamol. Giving Acyclovir tablets (Desciclovir, famciclovir, valacyclovir, and penciclovir) as antiviral aims to reduce fever, pain, complications and protect a person from the inability of the immune system against the herpes virus. Recommend Acyclovir medication when the onset of pain or a burning sensation on the skin burn, do not have to wait for the emergence of a bubble of fluid (blisters).
On a serious condition in which the immune system of someone very weak, Herpes Or Smallpox disease should receive treatment with appropriate drugs potent herpes, one of which is a product of De Nature Indonesia.
herpes drug
In an effort to prevent a person should get the varicella zoster vaccine immunization. In healthy children aged 1-12 years are given one. Imunasasi can be given once again at puberty to establish immunity to 60% - 80%. After that, in order to improve it, give immunizations once again as an adult. This acquired immunity can last up to 10 years.
Causes of herpes:
Weak immune system that causes because some things like HIV and so forth
Relationships are not as secure as oral sex, anal sex
Saliva comes in contact with a person infected with HSV-1
Child born to mothers infected with HSV-2.
Symptoms of herpes:
Joint pain or stiffness in one part of the body
Frequent chills
Out of breath
Red spots on the skin that form a bubble liquid
The stomach pains, such as ulcer disease.
How to Treat Herpes Disease
How to cure herpes you can do in a natural way or by use of chemical drugs. However, now the community is commonly used for this type of chemical drugs due to natural cure herpes may be many people who do not know.
Well, on this occasion we will share information about how to treat herpes. If you are interested, please refer to the following description.
Treatment of herpes from the outside
For external treatment of this you can use a powder or ointment. Powder or ointment can relieve itching that arise due to herpes and also as a precaution so you do not scratch it. Treatment from the outside can do easily
with the help cattombud and the effect will be immediately apparent, whether there are changes that occur in inflammation in your skin or not. Ointment is recommended for herpes ointment plus denature.
Treatment of herpes of the
In addition to the external treatment, how to cure herpes should also be done from inside the body. Because as you know that herpes can cause fever and pain. For that, you can take medication for fever or pain relievers such as drugs that we recommend that treatment can run optimally.
Frequently asked questions
What really powerful remedy?
Herpes Herbal medicine on our drug classified as a very powerful when compared with drugs - other drugs. During routinely taken as prescribed herpes then you will be healed normally 3-5 days.
Are there any side effects from taking the drug have herpes disease / Secure?
Herpes herbal medicine are guaranteed a very safe even if taken in the long term. Will not cause illness or any side effects for the body because it is made from 100% natural herbal plant medicinal and did not contain any additional ingredients such as preservatives, dyes, chemicals, and so forth.
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