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Hemorrhoids occur in the anal region, where conditions occur are usually the veins near the anus experiencing swelling. Hemorrhoids are also usually occurs in the anus inside or outside the organ and Hemorrhoids are usually not dangerous. Pregnant women who are most at risk of this disease, in addition to hormonal changes and excess pressure in the abdomen can also create hemorrhoids. All treatments are also considered not to be useful to have a reduces the symptoms of the disease if not heeded sensitive skin reaction to some medication skin. Therefore this article will give you some basic steps that can be done so that there is no error in their fight against this disease. If you intend to perform the treatment of the house, then the first thing you should know what exactly is the reason for hemorrhoids is growing on your body. Because basically important causes of hemorrhoids is constipation, and there are some very simple approach to offer assistance in the case of hemorrhoids. If you prefer to prevent hemorrhoids come from dietary factors then you should go on a diet of fiber and drink plenty of water. { read: mengobati wasir dengan bengkoang } This will make bowel movements become less severe and allows you to reduce the risk of pile. You should also avoid to the toilet if possible have a digestive tract disorder, as this would lead to a sense of constipation and strain which later became hemorrhoid. The point is you should avoid putting too much pressure on the area around your anus. You are also advised to always apply the approach of good hygiene. After a bowel movement clean up the infected area, then do not ever also you trying to rub the infected area, as this tends to make the situation worse. Disebalik it, there are many home remedies that can be done to cure hemorrhoids. Among them are with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a liquid and consumed every day to get rid of hemorrhoids. But of all the medications that promise relief of hemorrhoids, such as one of these herbal treatment method, you should also know the fact that this could happen within pemberianya 2-3 or a few weeks, if over time it then you should consult a doctor or a person who experts for this disease. If the disease has been classified as very chronic hemorrhoids then that should be treated is surgery. But the side effects that concern is to do this method, it can destroy tissue that triggers hemorrhoids. In addition, some other methods are also often used to completely remove hemorrhoids include among others: 1.Metode Ligation rubber strap. The process effectively by cutting method to obtain blood. Hemorrhoids will also shrink and dissolve slowly in 2-3 weeks. 2.Sedangkan method called Sclerotherapy can be used to treat internal hemorrhoids. This resulted in a decrease in blood circulation as a hardening agent is injected to the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid then shrinks along with disappeared without causing any harm.

hemorrhoids hemorrhoid

Piles or hemorrhoids Hemroid may occur in the category as an external disease. And if external, then the next possibility would be to create a bump on the outside of the affected area is. Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids can be itchy, painful, annoying, and can even bleed and rupture. Rupture usually occurs during defecation. But Hemroids can not harm the baby, and do not threaten the daily lives of patients, but certainly this disease can certainly make people feel uncomfortable. You can also treat Hemoroids safely though pregnant, such as by getting instant relief from medical treatment.

What Causes Hemorrhoids? If the patient is a woman who became pregnant, the disease is usually caused by changes in the body or the presence of many different elements and trigger hemorrhoids, which are:
Strain around the pelvic region that can slow the return of blood from the decrease and increase the pressure on the veins below the level of swelling of the uterus and makes it much more wide.
Significant constipation (routine element in the process of pregnancy) because tension can cause hemorrhoids, and you tend to tense when it gets hard bowel movement. Furthermore, the increase in progesterone during pregnancy also causes blood vessel walls to swell.
You may not have any problems during pregnancy, but the 'push' for the second phase of labor can lead to hemorrhoids.

And there are some things you can do to avoid these hemorrhoids, which are:
Do not stand or sit in the same position for too long, walk, change positions. Do not cross your legs or blood movement or limit further decline in the extremities, elevate your feet while watching television.
Avoid constipation, maintain energetic as through light exercise and walking, eating fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Avoid constipation, whenever you need to defecate.
Trying to strengthen the muscle tissues that support your urethra, bladder, uterus, and rectum.
A different type of exercise that helps to control postpartum incontinence also increases circulation in the rectal location and because it helps to prevent Hemroids, they are called Kegel exercises. What you are doing this is for the treatment of muscle tissue around the vagina.

Symptoms and signs
That the internal and external hemorrhoids may appear different; however, many people can experience both. Rarely encountered significant bleeding and cause anemia, and more rarely life-threatening bleeding. Many people feel embarrassed when faced with this problem and usually only seek medical attention when the case was continued.

If it is not exposed to external thrombosis, external hemorrhoids can cause some problems. However, if exposed thrombosis, hemorrhoids can be very painful. However, this pain usually disappear within 2-3 days. While the swelling can take weeks to disappear. Can be left a akrokordon after recovery. If the hemorrhoids are large and pose a hygiene problem, the condition can cause irritation to the skin around her and itching around the anus.

Internal Internal hemorrhoids usually occur without pain, bleeding from the rectum bright red during or after a bowel movement. His blood is usually covered stool, a condition known as hematochezia, there is the toilet paper, or dripping into the toilet. Colored stools themselves are usually normal. Other symptoms of which may include discharge, masses around the anus if the mucus is down to the anus, itching in the anus and fecal incontinence. Internal hemorrhoids are usually only hurt if thrombosis or necrosis.

The cause of hemorrhoids Or pile
The real cause of symptomatic hemorrhoids is unknown. A number of factors believed to play a role include: bowel habits are irregular (constipation or diarrhea), lack of exercise, nutritional factors (low-fiber diet), increased intra-abdominal pressure (bloating prolonged, ascitis, the mass of intra-abdominal, or pregnancy), genetics, absence of valves within the hemorrhoidal veins, and the elderly. Other factors are thought to increase the risk include obesity, sitting in the long term, chronic cough, and impaired function of the pelvic floor. However, very little evidence of this association.

During pregnancy, the pressure of the fetus on the abdomen and hormonal changes cause the hemorrhoidal vessels to enlarge. The birthing process also causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure. Pregnant women rarely need surgery, because the symptoms usually disappear after delivery.

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